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LeMieux Luxury Stable... LeMieux Luxury Stable... 2
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Travel and Stable boots

LeMieux Luxury Stable Protector Boots

Ideal for Stable or Travel Ergonomically shaped to fit the lower leg and joints offering flexible support without restriction. Breathable inner quick-dry lining with luxurious Merino lambswool collar is removable for easy washing and repositioning. Reinforced PU rear fetlock caps and elasticated lower straps for close fitting. Ideal in the stable or for...
Saddle Pad Number Holder 4...
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LeMieux Leather Saddle pad number holder The LeMieux Leather Number Holder provides a sophisticated way to display your number at competitions.  Attaches easily to the saddlepad with a strong fixing pin Matching bridle number holders available
LeMieux Armour Shield Fly... LeMieux Armour Shield Fly... 2
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Armour Shield Fly Protector Defender Mask (With Ears and Nose Fringe) Comfort is top priority with soft breathable Bamboo lining strips across the brow & nose. This helps to prevent rubbing & ensures clearance across eyes The elasticated head piece & throat strap allows for close firm fit Breathable mesh ears & strong nose tassels to help...
LeMieux Conductive Magno Boot LeMieux Conductive Magno Boot 2
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Therapeutic boots

LeMieux Conductive Magno Boot

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Unique Magnetic Therepy Boots The LeMieux Conductive Boots herald a new approach to magnetic therapy. Unique inner liners contain a woven layer of steel fibres directly under 18 powerful 2600 gauze magnets. The steel filaments conduct magnetic waves evenly around the lining bringing the whole leg within the magnetic field. This avoids unwanted hot spots...
LeMieux Pro-Kit GP Saddle... LeMieux Pro-Kit GP Saddle... 2
Saddle Accessories

LeMieux Pro-Kit GP Saddle Cover

LeMieux Pro-Kit GP Saddle Cover LeMieux ProKit saddle cover is made of a durable polyester outer with a soft fleece lining to protect the saddle. Adjustable elastic drawstring design Incorporates over sleeve to store the girth Lower slot to take girth straps
LeMieux Classic Fly Hood LeMieux Classic Fly Hood 2
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Classic Fly Hood Designed for the competitive rider, these beautiful ears offer style and function. Made from quality 3 way crochet and braiding, and complimented with soft, comfortable Lycra ear fabric, these ears are secure and close fitting when used under a bridle.
Ultimate Hoof Pick Ultimate Hoof Pick 2
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Hoof Care

Ultimate Hoof Pick

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The Jackhammer Ultimate Hoofpick Tired of constantly replacing cheap, poorly-constructed hoofpicks that break and bend. The ergonomically superior design & grip makes the Ultimate Hoofpick perfect for removing packed mud, ice or trapped stones and comes with a lifetime guarantee! Voted US Horse Journal's Top Pick 'By Far’ Also available in a smaller...
LeMieux Loire Memory Foam... LeMieux Loire Memory Foam... 2
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Loire Satin Luxury Dressage Pad with Memory Foam Described as the most stylish dressage pad LeMieux have ever produced. The Loire collection exudes sophistication and class - showing style without showing off! Woven Satin fabric gives a beautiful sheen to these pads whilst still benefitting from the wonderfully soft and breathable Bamboo lining. The 100%...
LeMieux Silicone Bit Rings LeMieux Silicone Bit Rings 2
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Bit Accessories

LeMieux Silicone Bit Rings

LeMieux Silicon Bitrings The LeMieux Silicone Bit Ring are made from a soft and pliable silicone making them quick and easy to put on. They reduce the risk of chafing and rubbing and fit most bit sizes. Sold in pairs
LeMieux Flexi Curry Comb
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LeMieux Flexi Curry Comb The LeMieux Flexi Curry Comb is ideal for getting out dirt, dust and loose hair. The flexible design of the LeMieux Flexi Curry Comb allows it to reach almost every part of the horse’s body for a deep clean that not only feels great for your horse but is also comfortable for you.  The ergonomic shape fits into the hand perfectly...
Acavallo Adhesive Strips Acavallo Adhesive Strips 2
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Bridle Accessories

Acavallo Adhesive Strips

Acavallo Adhesive Strips Perfect answer for those bespoke requirements. Cut and shape these innovative gel strips to go under nosebands, head & cheek pieces in fact almost anywhere there is an issue with rubbing or pressure.
LeMieux Loire Close Contact... LeMieux Loire Close Contact... 2
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Loire Satin Close Contact Show Jumping Saddle Pad Described as the most stylish showjumping pad LeMieux have ever produced. The Loire collection exudes sophistication and class - showing style without showing off! Woven Satin fabric gives a beautiful sheen to these pads whilst still benefitting from the wonderfully soft and breathable Bamboo lining.The...
Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrup Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrup 2
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Stirrups and Leather

Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrup

Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrup Patented side opening safety stirrup. Unique HiFLex stress activated locking & release mechanism with big opening in case of emergency. Reliable "one click" reengagement of the stirrup locking and release mechanism once triggered. Inner stirrup arm and footplate constructed of continuous integrated metal. Comprehensively...
LeMieux Signature...
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Signature Tartan Head Collar and leadrope by LeMieux A lovely soft halter featuring fleece inserts at the poll strap and nose band. These fleece inserts ensure even pressure distribution and are fitted with extra padding for the greatest possible wearing comfort.  Cheek straps lined with fleece. Multi adjustable at the curb and poll strap (adjustable from...
LeMieux Four Seasons Rug LeMieux Four Seasons Rug 2
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Four Seasons Rug A stunning rug with style and amazing functionality whatever the season The Four Seasons from LeMieux is one of the most useful rugs around the stable or at a show with its great thermal & wicking qualities. Will function as a top of the range cooler wicking away moisture through its top layer whilst fleece inner lining allows air...
LeMieux Integrated Web GP... LeMieux Integrated Web GP... 2
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LeMieux Integrated GP Girths The new LeMieux Integrated girth is suitable for all GP and  jumping saddles. The girth is extremely strong with a lovely flexiable webbing construction, lined with luxurious Merino wool which is soft, light & breathable. The integrated girth has been designed to allow maximum freedom of movement with optional centre...
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