Electric Mouse Trap WILLAB Electric Mouse Trap WILLAB 2
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Electric mousetrap for indoor use. Transparent lid. LED for indicating catch. Kills up to 100 mice per battery (4 x AA). Batteries not included.
Flies and Insects

Horsefly Trap TaonX

each trap reduces the number horseflies in the immediate vicinity by up to 95 % entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly easy to assemble and extremely robust 2-year guarantee for metallic parts How does the trap work? The ball heats up, simulating a target object for the horsefly to suck blood out of. After a failed attempt at drawing blood,...
Electric wire markings 10st
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Electric wire markings 10st

Electrical wire marking made of yellow plastic with a socket that makes it easy to attach to the fence wire. Size 20 x 5 cm
Controll equipment

Lacme Digital Fence Volt Reader

A 3 in 1 digital voltmeter for electric fencing that shows the current in volts and amperes and also direction. No earth contact required.
Combi Energizer

Swedguard Energizer B200

Simple and flexible combi unit that can be connected to the mains with adapter, included, or connected to a 12V battery. The battery can be connected to a solar cell. Outgoing energy: 1 J Stored energy: 2 J Voltage at 1000 Ω load: 5700 V Recommended fence length: Little vegetation: 15km Normal vegetation: 3km Heavy vegetation: 1.5km
Feed Table 20x29 cm
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Feed Table 20x29 cm

Plastic board that allows you to easily read each horse's feeding schedule. Used with a whiteboard pen Size: 20x29 cm
Bowls and Bucket

Heat bucket 45L

Heating tub/bucket that can be used outdoors or in unheated spaces during the cold season. Made of food-grade plastic that is strong and insulating. The tub works down to -20 degrees and then keeps the water temperature at 10-15 degrees. Built-in thermostat that starts when the ambient temperature is about 3 degrees. Holds 45 liters with a 15-liter...
ELBAND + 13 MM VIT 200 M...
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Electric band for the horse paddock with 4 conductors and high breaking strength Swedguard's electric straps are available in two different versions, Pro Plus and Plus. All electric belts are made of polyethylene (PE). Low Ω number = low resistance = the band has a better ability to transport the current. Conductor material Stainless steel...
Easy Stud Plugz Easy Stud Plugz 2
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Studs and Accessories

Easy Stud Plugz

Easy Stud Plugs The newest and best rubber plug on the market. A small hole in the center allows you to use a horseshoe nail for easy removal.  Size:  Bag of 60
LeMieux Wool Wash
Cleaning and product care

LeMieux Wool Wash

LeMieux Wool Wash Scientifically formulated to maintain lambskin & lambswool in perfect condition. An essential part of cleaning any wool-lined numnah or square. A unique blend of surfactants and conditioning agents that lubricate the lambskin leather and will give an improved lustre and handle to the wool fibre. LeMieux Wool Wash conditions and...
LeMieux ShowKit Hay Tidy Bag LeMieux ShowKit Hay Tidy Bag 2
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LeMieux ShowKit Hay Tidy Bag Strong waterproof denier nylon bag with window.  Avoids unnecessary wastage.  Maintains dust free hay consumption.  Prolongs feeding for greedy eaters. Ideal for stable or travelling - keeps lorries & trailers tidy
Mouse trap 2 pack Mouse trap 2 pack 2
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Mouse trap 2 pack

Mouse trap in robust plastic with a strong spring. Easy to install. 2 traps per package
Band Insulator Pro + 10 st...
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A strong insulator for strips up to 40 mm wide. Mounted with screw or nail. These are not included.

Patura Åsk-kit

Protects your electrial unit by conducting the lightning surge into the ground. For wall or post mounting
Controll equipment

Speedrite Fault Finder

Combined voltage and current meter that helps you quickly find faults / defects in your fence. Need no ground wire. 9V battery included.
Combi Energizer

Swedguard Energizer B300

Simple and flexible combi unit that can be connected to the mains with adapter, included, or connected to a 12V battery. The battery can be connected to a solar cell. Outgoing energy: 2 J Stored energy: 3 J Voltage at 1000 Ω load: 7000 V Recommended fence length: Little vegetation: 18km Normal vegetation: 6km Heavy vegetation: 2.5km
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