Feed Supplements

Feed Supplements


Supplementary feed supplement for dog and cat. Vitamin B. Used i.a. in case of fur shedding, dull coat and poor appetite. 250 ml is enough for 83 days for a dog weighing 10 kg. Our dogs and cats are subject to constant change. Everything from natural, such as fur shedding, to environment-related, such as travel, environmental changes and stressful...
Feed Supplements


Complete multivitamin and mineral supplement in liquid form for cats and dogs. For better well-being, fur and appetite. 250 ml is enough for 25 days for a dog weighing 10 - 20 kg. The daily feed does not always cover the pet's need for vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. BioCan is scientifically designed to cover your pet's needs for...
Feed Supplements

Flaxseed oil 500ml

Eclipse Biofarmab's Swedish-made, cold-pressed flaxseed oil is an excellent and gentle way to increase the amount of energy in the pet's feed without increasing the amount of carbohydrates. Flaxseed oil contains a high concentration of the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are of great importance to the body's cells and are beneficial for...
Feed Supplements

Biofarmab BIOCOOL Pets

Eclipse Biofarmab BIOCOOL for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are designed to respond quickly to signals of danger and discomfort. It is an innate reflex that starts a number of chemical processes. Once the danger is over, the triggering substances must be neutralized by other substances in the body. B vitamins, vitamin C, L-tryptophan and magnesium are...
Biofarmab Bioglucomin - Pet
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Feed Supplements

Biofarmab Bioglucomin - Pet

Supplementary food for hard-working and older dogs and cats. Glucosamine is a body-specific substance that is an important component in the formation of tendons, joints and cartilage. Glucosamine is an important contributor to the formation of articular cartilage. The addition of manganese also helps in the building up (new formation) of cartilage....
Feed Supplements

Biofarmab Biosynov Complex Pet

BioSynov Complex was developed from the beginning as a feed supplement for competition horses and quickly became a great success both in Sweden and internationally. In 1993 came the product intended for dogs. Today, Biosynov Complex is marketed with great success in about twenty countries. BioSynov contains, among other things, glucosamine, vitamins...
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