Vitamin E supplement for horses. Lack of vitamin E in the feed state can lead to muscle damage. Vitamin E is fat-soluble and is stored in the muscles, adipose tissue and liver. It is important not to overdose on vitamin E. Does not contain selenium - specially developed to meet the vitamin E needs of horses that get enough selenium via mineral feed,...
Eclipse Biofarmab SELO-E Feed supplements for horses. Organic selenium with Vitamin E and Inulin. Selenium supplementation on natural conditions. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has an important protective function in the body, as it is attributed an ability to neutralize the so-called the free radicals that break down the muscles at work. Vitamin E...
Turmeric, green-lipped mussel and vitamins. Feed supplements for horses. Especially suitable for active horses, older horses and horses that are subjected to hard exertion. Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is a powerful natural antioxidant with a strong ability to neutralize free radicals. The active substance, curcumin is very sensitive to air, moisture and...
Biofarmab Hitargo 300g

Biofarmab Hitargo 300g

Energy supplement for horses in connection with competition and hard training. There are a large number of products for competition horses, which are marketed as energy chargers or "energy boosters". The carbohydrates in these often consist of maltodextrin, glucose, dextrose (sometimes declared as carbohydrate complexes) and glucose polymers, often...
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