Biofarmab Hitargo 300g

Biofarmab Hitargo 300g


Energy supplement for horses in connection with competition and hard training.

There are a large number of products for competition horses, which are marketed as energy chargers or "energy boosters".

The carbohydrates in these often consist of maltodextrin, glucose, dextrose (sometimes declared as carbohydrate complexes) and glucose polymers, often in combination with ordinary sugar (sucrose).

The molecules in Hitargo are on average more than 100 times heavier than the molecules in other energy chargers. Large starch molecules (high molecular weight), give low osmolality, which in practice means better uptake from the small intestine into the blood. Solutions with lower osmolality than the blood are called hypotonic solutions.

Hitargo provides an ultrahypotonic solution that is absorbed very quickly and significantly improves the endurance of the muscles.

Clinical studies in humans, as well as field trials in horses, show the positive effect of the carbohydrates in Hitargo, compared to other carbohydrates.


Carbohydrate in powder form for competition horses.


For efficient storage of muscle energy (glycogen) in the horse's muscles in connection with training and competition.


Degraded high molecular weight fractionated starch.


For carbohydrate loading before competition:

200 g Hitargo is prepared according to the instructions below and mixed

in the concentrate feed 4-7 hours before competition.

When refilling after hard training and competition:

100g Hitargo is prepared according to the instructions below and mixed

in the first feed after competition / training. If no glycogen charge has been made before competition or training, 100g Hitargo should be given in the first two feedings after competition or training.


Option 1: Mix 100 - 200 g Hitargo in the feed

Add 0.5 - 1 liter of water and stir.

Option 2: (when feeding with pellets): Mix 100 - 200 g Hitargo with 0.5 - 1 liter of water.

Whisk or shake in a shaker to an even consistency before mixing in the feed, finished mixing should be consumed within 4 hours.

NOTE! For best results; do not feed Hitargo together with sugary feeds such as betfor, molasses etc.

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