Biofarmab Bioglucomin+HA

Biofarmab Bioglucomin+HA


Normally delivered in 5 - 10 days

Eclipse Biofarmab Bioglucomin + HA

HA is added to restore the viscous, protective consistency of the synovial fluid and the joint is protected. In the intestine there are specific receptors that transport hyaluronic acid to the blood and carry it on to the joints. The size of the hyaluronic acid molecule controls the effect in the joint, the larger the molecule the better.

The hualuronic acid molecule in Eclipse Biofarmab's BioGlucomin + HA is of very high quality and has a size of 1,300,000 Da, which is a very large molecule. Daily supply of hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight) in the feed of competition horses has been shown to have positive effects in maintaining normal joint function.

Glucosamine is a body-specific substance that is an important component in the formation of tendons, joints and cartilage. With increasing age or with hard training, the body's own ability to produce sufficient amounts of glucosamine decreases.

The addition of manganese helps in the building up (new formation) of cartilage. We have also added methionine, an easily absorbed source of sulfur that is also necessary for cartilage building. The inulin that is included is a metabolic dietary fiber (prebiotics) that contributes to a healthy intestinal flora with good conditions for good absorption in the intestine.

The glucosamine in Eclipse Biofarmab's products is a natural substance with an extra high biological uptake capacity. We use European drug-grade glucosamine. Eclipse Biofarmab always strives for as few additives as possible in our products!

This product is free of sugar!



Highly concentrated glucosamine with the addition of inulin for horses.


Especially suitable for active horses, older horses, as well as horses that are exposed to hard exertion.


Glucosamine HCl (47%), Inulin, Hyaluronic acid, L-methionine


Horse up to 600kg body weight: 1 dose measure morning and evening

Horse over 600kg body weight: 1.5 dose measurements morning and evening

C-pony and smaller: 0.5 dose measurements morning and evening

1 dose measure = 7.5 g

Mix in the concentrate feed in direct connection with the feeding.

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