Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals


Magnesium supplements for horses. A unique combination of magnesium and phosphorus that provides superior bioavailability. Contains chelated magnesium for best absorption. Used when the magnesium content of the feed is not enough to meet the horse's needs. Formerly called Biomag Forte Can also be used for tense and nervous horses. Magnesium is one of the...
Vitamins and Minerals


Complete Mineral supplement with macro and micro minerals for horses. High bioavailability. Used when the feed state does not cover the horse's need for minerals. Contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium. Tasty and easy to dose The group of macrominerals includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium...
Vitamins and Minerals


Zinc supplement for horses. High bioavailability. Used when the feed state does not cover the horse's need for zinc or in case of deficiency symptoms. Zinc is a micromineral found in all body tissues and is part of, or activates over 200 enzymes. A lot of zinc is found in the skin and fur where zinc is needed for new formation. Zinc is found in high...
Vitamins and Minerals


Five of the most important B vitamins for the horse in combination with inulin and yeast that promote their own B vitamin production in the intestine. When the horse is exposed to feed changes, stressful environments or has a feed state with little fiber (alternatively large concentrates), it is necessary to supplement with B vitamins as the horse can not...
Vitamins and Minerals


Lime supplement for horses. Natural calcium carbonate from Scandinavia of high purity, Foderkritan is fine-grained for better absorption. 6 kg = 200 daily doses at 30 g / day. An adult horse consists of about 1.5 kg of calcium per 100 kg of body weight and about 35% of the bone structure consists of calcium. The mineral is involved in various bodily...
Vitamins and Minerals

Fosforbalans 2kg

The amount of phosphorus that needs to be added depends on the lime and phosphorus content of the feed. Phosphorus balance is used in feed states that are underbalanced on phosphorus, e.g. when feeding with calcareous straw feed and / or small amounts of oats. In feed states that are overbalanced on phosphorus, e.g. low-calcium hay and / or large amounts...
Vitamin E supplement for horses. Lack of vitamin E in the feed state can lead to muscle damage. Vitamin E is fat-soluble and is stored in the muscles, adipose tissue and liver. It is important not to overdose on vitamin E. Does not contain selenium - specially developed to meet the vitamin E needs of horses that get enough selenium via mineral feed,...
Vitamins and Minerals

Biofarmab Salt 7 kg

Pure salt of food grade. Use Eclipse Biofarmabs Salt when you want control over your horse's salt intake. Daily supplement, mixed in the concentrate in relation to weather and the horse's work. The horse's sweat is what is called hypertension, which means that the sweat contains a higher concentration of ions than blood and body fluids in general. Ions...
Eclipse Biofarmab SELO-E Feed supplements for horses. Organic selenium with Vitamin E and Inulin. Selenium supplementation on natural conditions. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has an important protective function in the body, as it is attributed an ability to neutralize the so-called the free radicals that break down the muscles at work. Vitamin E...
Vitamins and Minerals

Biofarmab Thiamin B1

Eclipse Biofarmab Pure Vitamin B1. Feed supplements for horses. Thiamine or vitamin B1 is a coenzyme; a type of activator needed for the metabolism of e.g. carbohydrates. It is also important for certain muscle and nerve functions as well as for the body's energy production. Thiamine is also an important substance for the body's stress management....
Vitamins and Minerals

Biofarmab Vitamin C 500g

Eclipse Biofarmab Vitamin C 500g 90% pure vitamin C with 10% inulin to improve absorption. Inulin is a metabolic dietary fiber. Feed supplements for horses. It is common knowledge that the wild horse is able to synthesize vitamin C. However, many talented horse people over the years have found that horses in training feel good from an extra supplement...
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