Portable Candy and food bowl Portable Candy and food bowl 2
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Food and water bowl

Portable Candy and food bowl

Portable lining or candy bowl in polyester 12 cm diameter. 13 cm deep. Easy to take with you. attach to the belt for walking or training
Claw cardboard for cats
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Claw cardboard for cats

Claw cardboard for cats to sharpen their claws on. Made of cardboard, size 38 x 12.5 cm
Bit roll with handle
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Bit roll with handle

Durable jute bit roll for your dog. Perfect for playing "Tug of war" with your dog
ID Jewelry For Dog And Cat
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Collars and Leads

ID Jewelry For Dog And Cat

ID jewelry to hang in the dog's necklace. Inside there is a note to write, for example, the owners telephone number on.
Claw cutter - Small
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Pet Care

Claw cutter - Small

A robust plier. Plastic / rubber handle. The scissors themselves are made of stainless steel and also have a latch that reduces the risk of cutting too far into the clone. Size: 13 cm
Tailgate fresh air hook 20cm Tailgate fresh air hook 20cm 2
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This summer's a must! The metal hook keeps the tailgate open but still locked. 20 cm long.
Tracking line 15m
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Collars and Leads

Tracking line 15m

Plastic tracking line is one of the most popular track lines and has a clear orange color. Cold hardened. 15 meters long and 0.6 cm thick
Natural water-based summer spray that contains 7 fragrant essential oils with repellent and caring properties. Developed to provide a pleasant, quiet and comfortable outdoor stay or horseback riding during the summer months. Helps to avoid the torments of summer. Has a caring effect that gives a shiny coat, mane and tail. Leaves no sticky or oily...
Animalintex Multikompress
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Bandage and Cotton

Animalintex Multikompress

Animalintex is a multi-layered compress and wound dressing that can be used either hot or cold on wounds, mud fever, abscesses, etc. Animalintex compresses, measuring 405 x 205 mm, are suitable for use on a variety of equine injuries and conditions.

Electric wire markings 10st

Electrical wire marking made of yellow plastic with a socket that makes it easy to attach to the fence wire. Size 20 x 5 cm
Controll equipment

Lacme Digital Fence Volt Reader

A 3 in 1 digital voltmeter for electric fencing that shows the current in volts and amperes and also direction. No earth contact required.
Combi Energizer

Swedguard Energizer B200

Simple and flexible combi unit that can be connected to the mains with adapter, included, or connected to a 12V battery. The battery can be connected to a solar cell. Outgoing energy: 1 J Stored energy: 2 J Voltage at 1000 Ω load: 5700 V Recommended fence length: Little vegetation: 15km Normal vegetation: 3km Heavy vegetation: 1.5km
Vitamin E supplement for horses. Lack of vitamin E in the feed state can lead to muscle damage. Vitamin E is fat-soluble and is stored in the muscles, adipose tissue and liver. It is important not to overdose on vitamin E. Does not contain selenium - specially developed to meet the vitamin E needs of horses that get enough selenium via mineral feed,...
It is not uncommon for horses not to be able to train or compete due to poor horn quality. The horse's hoof is affected by several factors such as heredity and environment. Eclipse Biofarm HoofBuilder contains highly concentrated biotin with MSM, diatomaceous earth and prebiotics to improve the quality of the hoof. Just as the hooves are different in...
Vitamins and Minerals


Magnesium supplements for horses. A unique combination of magnesium and phosphorus that provides superior bioavailability. Contains chelated magnesium for best absorption. Used when the magnesium content of the feed is not enough to meet the horse's needs. Formerly called Biomag Forte Can also be used for tense and nervous horses. Magnesium is one of the...
Feed Supplements


Supplementary feed supplement for dog and cat. Vitamin B. Used i.a. in case of fur shedding, dull coat and poor appetite. 250 ml is enough for 83 days for a dog weighing 10 kg. Our dogs and cats are subject to constant change. Everything from natural, such as fur shedding, to environment-related, such as travel, environmental changes and stressful...
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