Cooling boots Lami-Cell
Cooling boots Lami-Cell
Cooling boots Lami-Cell

Cooling boots Lami-Cell


Normally delivered in 5 - 10 days

Lami-Cell's Pro Cooling Therapy Boots are made of non-toxic neoprene with food grade gel that provides dry, cool and comfortable treatment for your horses' legs.

The easily removable Pro Cooling-Gel packs adapt well to the horse's legs, to give the perfect shape and even distribution of the cooling temperature during the treatment time.

Most cooling gel packs last an average of 20 minutes before they start to have the opposite effect and warm up the horse's ligaments instead. These cooling bandages keep your horse's legs cool for up to 40 minutes, which means that the cooling effect penetrates deeper into the horses' soft tissue.

Delivered in 2-pack.

Size: Full

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