LeMieux Conductive Magno Hock Boot
LeMieux Conductive Magno Hock Boot
LeMieux Conductive Magno Hock Boot
LeMieux Conductive Magno Hock Boot

LeMieux Conductive Magno Hock Boot


Unique Magnetic Therepy Boots

The LeMieux Conductive Boots herald a new approach to magnetic therapy.

Unique inner liners contain a woven layer of steel fibres directly under 18 powerful 2600 gauze magnets. The steel filaments conduct magnetic waves evenly around the lining bringing the whole leg within the magnetic field. This avoids unwanted hot spots from the individual magnets and improves the overall effectiveness.

Mesh rear vents release excess heat created by the magnetic field and an outer layer of Bamboo ensures good wicking. This combined with the even spread of magnetic waves created by the special liners enable the Conductive Boots to be used for longer periods of time. Always slowly build up length of time boots are used to allow individual horses to become accustomed.

Always seek professional veterinary advice. The use of magnets is widely recommended by vets & trainers for its benefits. Can also be used for maintenance and is ideal for use pre and post exercise.

Acknowledged benefits of using magnets include:

  • Helps blood supply to tendons & joints pre-exercise.
  • Aids recovery and detrimental effects of exercise and fatigue.
  • Oxygen supply to tissue.
  • Production of elastin & collagen essential for development of new cells.
  • Helps with the effects of concussion from hard ground or extreme exercise.
Conductive Magno Boots are a new generation of magnetic boots.

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