Biofarmab BIO ROSA CL

Biofarmab BIO ROSA CL


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Eclipse Biofarmab Bio Rosa CL

Healthy and healthy horses are a prerequisite for both good performances and wonderful excursions in nature.

Bio Rosa CL contains plenty of natural vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and organic acids, of which the peel of the colored fruits has the highest concentration, all of which help the horse to stay healthy.

The various components each have good properties and work together for a generally better health status.

Rosehip powder is widely used for human use and its effect is documented in several scientific publications, studies have been done on both animals and humans.

All types of rosehips (Rosa Canina) are rich in galactolipids which are considered to have many good properties. Galactolipids also help to produce collagen and cartilage that protects the joints.

Studies show that rosehip galactolipids can protect our cartilage cells.

Eclipse Biofarmab only buys raw materials from the mountainous regions of Chile, which are grown completely without fertilizer, additives and spraying. The shells are then heat dried mechanically under sanitary and temperature controlled forms to retain as much active content as possible.



Malt peel of Chilean rosehips.


100% pure rosehip powder from Chilean rosehips. Dried and powdered skin, very rich in galactolipids, organic acids and about 30 vitamins and amino acids.


Feed supplements used for active horses, before competitions and for older horses Bio Rosa CL is a pure quality product.


Normal dose: 5 g per 100 kg body weight / day.

For hard work: 10 g per 100 kg body weight morning and evening.

1 dose measure = 19 g

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